"The 3 employees working there at the time couldn't stop laughing about it"

US drinks chain Smoothie King has shut two stores after firing employees for writing racist slurs on customers’ receipts

SCMP reports that Smoothie King has temporarily closed two North Carolina stores and has fired employees after racial slurs were found on customers’ receipts.

The two employees who were fired reportedly wrote “offensive descriptions” of an African American customer and an Asian customer. “Jackie Chan” was written on one Asian customer’s receipt.

In a post on Facebook, Tony Choi shared an image of the receipt that showed “Jackie Chan – to go” on it.

“Instead of asking for my name Zack H. thought it would be funny to put “Jackie Chan” as my name,” Choi wrote in the post. “Being Korean, I find this very insulting. But the 3 employees working there at the time couldn’t stop laughing about it.”

“I experience racism here and there and usually doesn’t bother me,” Choi added. “Today I left this store furious on the inside, trying to not let my young kids know what just happened.”

In another incident, an African American customer found “nigger – To Go” on their receipt.

Smoothie King responded to the incident in a statement that read, “we have zero tolerance for any action where a guest is disrespected and we have taken immediate and decisive action.”

It added that two stores would be closed “until the franchisees and their respective teams complete further training on our standards and to ensure that nothing like this occurs again”.