Fiona Pok Wong claimed the university "exaggerated the prospects of a career"

An Asian graduate has received a £60,000 from Anglia Ruskin University fro false advertising

The BBC reports that Asian graduate Fiona Pok Wong has received a £60,000 payout for her “Mickey Mouse” degree at Anglia Ruskin University.

Wong had sued the university for “exaggerating the prospects of a career” and false advertising. She had graduated in 2013 with a first in international business strategy.

“[The university] think we’re international students [and] we come here to pay our money for a piece of paper, for the degree,” Wong said. “But actually we care about the quality, we care about how much we could learn.”

“They exaggerated the prospects of a career studying with them, and also they exaggerate how connected they are.”

“I raised my complaints with the university but they didn’t do anything, they said I was the only student who complained so perhaps that was my own issue,” she told the Guardian. “I had no way to complain, but there were a lot of students who were not happy.”

“The university is focused on its own commercial interests rather than those of the students,” she added. “Their focus is on how to recruit as many students as possible regardless of their resources.”

“I want to encourage other people to follow suit. This was not for the £61,000 – if you have followed me from the beginning you’ll have seen that I spent much more money and time on this than that.”

In 2018, the County Court of Central London ordered Ms Wong to pay £13,700 of Anglia Ruskin’s legal costs, siding with the university. However, the university offered to settle her £15,000 claim.