Fox received an 'F' and NBC was given a 'C'

Fox and NBC have been ranked the lowest for Asian Representation

In its annual report card, the Asian Pacific American Media Coalition (APAMC) scored Fox and NBC the lowest for Asian American representation.

For the 2017-18 season, APAMC rated ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC on their inclusion of Asian Americans on screen and behind the scenes.

ABC came out on top with a ‘B’ rating. CBS followed with a ‘B-‘. Fox and NBC scored the poorest with ‘F’ and ‘C’ ratings respectively.

APAMC praised ABC for its Commitment to Diversity Initiatives and stated it had 24 API regulars and 27 API recurring actors in primetime television. However, the network was given a ‘C’ for Unscripted Talent.

Although CBS’s API regulars increased from 16 to 21, “many of them receive minimal screen time” so it was awarded B-. “The network significantly improved in hiring more unique API directors (8 to 18; 3.5% to 8% of all CBS directors) to handle more episodes (18 to 37; 5% to 7%),” the report added.

NBC was criticized for almost halving its number of API recurring actors. APAMC was also not impressed that “the network continues to not provide data on non-celebrity contestants for its reality/competition shows.”

Fox was criticized for failing to “comply with its obligations under the MOU it signed with the members of the multi-ethnic media coalition.” APAMC added that the network has “failed to provide complete diversity data to the Coalition since 2013.”