Jon M Chu wrote to the British band for permission to use the song after they declined

Constance Wu revealed that her yellow Oscars gown was inspired by Katherine Ho’s cover of Coldplay’s ‘Yellow’.

Constance Wu‘s yellow Oscar gown was inspired by Katherine Ho’s cover of Coldplay’s ‘Yellow’, which was featured in Crazy Rich Asians.

“I chose this color because it made me happy and also was inspired by @jonmchu ‘s moving letter to @coldplay about our movie’s closing song cover of “Yellow” in @crazyrichasians,” the Fresh Off The Boat star wrote on Instagram.

Coldplay originally declined Crazy Rich Asians director Jon M Chu permission to use their 2000 hit song because they feared it would be racist.

Chu then wrote a personal letter to the band explaining why the song would be important for Asians to “reclaim the color”

“I do believe this is a unique situation in which the first Hollywood studio film, with an All-Asian cast is not playing stereotypes or side-players but romantic and comedic leads,” he wrote.

He explained to the band that using ‘Yellow’ would “give a whole generation of Asian-Americans, and others, the same sense of pride I got when I heard your song.”

“I want all of them to have an anthem that makes them feel as beautiful as your words and melody made me feel when I needed it most,” Chu added.

In related news, Crazy Rich Asians co-star Michelle Yeoh recently expressed her “disappointment” that no female directors were nominated at the Oscars.