Asian Americans make up 8% of the New York police force

An increasing number of Asian Americans are joining the NYPD.

NBC New York reports that NYPD is seeing an increasing amount of Asian Americans joining their force.

NYPD currently has over 36,000 officers – 3,000 (8%) of whom are Asian Americans. The force is seeking to employ even more Asian Americans too.

Thomas Chan, NYPD Chief and the highest Asian American office on the force, remembers a time when the force had only 30 Asians.

Chan, who grew up in Chinatown New York, said that ethnic diversity is crucial in such a public service.

“When people need assistance, it’s not a matter of what ethnic background the officer is,” said Chan. “But it certainly does help when the officer speaks additional languages.”

Lt Paul Ng said Asian American police officers are better able to understand Asians and their needs.

“It means I can take my background and my empathy and my understanding of Chinese culture and relate to some of the people, or those who might not understand why certain things are done,” he said. “My parents said, ‘When a tiger dies, he leaves his skin, and when a human dies, you leave a name to how much contribution you did to our society.”