" I’m going to break your legs and shoot you in the ugly Chinese head"

A Chinese tourist was the victim of racist abuse at an Italian convenience store.

As reported by Inkstone, a Chinese tourist was filmed being the victim of racist abuse at a convenience store in Milan.

The elderly Chinese woman was trying to buy a bottle of water at an Iper supermarket in Milan, when a man began swearing at her in Italian. He seemed irked that she was speaking in a Chinese dialect.

“Madam, but here we are in Italy, it is useless to speak to me in Chinese,” the man said in Italian. “You come to my country to destroy the whole market. I’m going to break your legs and shoot you in the ugly Chinese head.

Michele Mao, the grandson of the elderly woman, said her family was living in Milan for half a year. . “She has no knowledge of Italian,” he told Inkstone, “and perhaps tried to get the attention to find out the price of the water, since there were many prices close to each other.”

Footage of the incident, which seems to be filmed by the racist man, surfaced online recently with mixed comments.

“The shop assistant is definitely wrong, but I don’t understand why she spoke Chinese to an Italian,” said a Weibo user said.

“It can be annoying when tourists speak their own language to locals,” another user commented.