“He had problems with Asian men”

A man who used a hammer to kill Asian men at a seafood buffet spared other races.

According to NY Post, a killer who targeted Asian workers at a seafood buffet let Hispanic workers go.

At 5pm on Tuesday, Arthur Martunovich entered Asian-owned Seaport Buffet in Brooklyn and began his brutal killing spree.

Using a hammer, Martunovich bashed the owner of the restaurant, Kheong Ng-Thang, in the head. The Malaysian business owner was reportedly left brain dead. Martunovich then stormed into the kitchen, killing manger Tsz Mat Pun and chef Fufai Pun.

The 34-year-old construction worker had targeted Asian male employees at the restaurant, claiming he was influenced by Chinese movies that showed the mistreatment of women. He had told Latino employees he encountered on his killing spree, “I’m not here for you.”

“He had problems with Asian men,” one law enforcement source said. “He talked about how Asian women are being treated by their men.”

“He was saying psycho stuff about space aliens,” another police source said.

Martunovich was charged with murder, attempted murder and weapons possession. He is undergoing extensive psychiatric evaluation at Kings County Hospital.