"I’ve stayed the same throughout"

Henry Golding has discussed how he is dealing with his fame.

Dankanator reports that Crazy Rich Asians star Henry Golding has admitted he has not adjusted easily to fame.

The all-Asian cast film sprung the 31-year-old British actor’s career, after becoming the top-grossing romantic comedy in 10 years.

For Golding, his overnight fame has been tough.

“I’ve stayed the same throughout,” Golding said. “It’s just people’s perception of you changes. So I’m struggling with the fame a bit.”

Nonetheless, Golding hopes to inspire other Asian actors through his success. “I don’t want to be defined as the Asian leading man,” he said. “I want to be the leading man. Henry Golding. If it means helping inspire other Asians to be leading men, hell yeah, I’ll take it.

“You don’t know how proud I am to have that associated with my name. Sadly, we’re so underrepresented that we have to start with these labels to be proud of it, to normalize it. So shit, I’ll be the next Asian leading man.”

In other news, Golding recently became the first Asian cover star to grace GQ’s ‘Men Of The Year’.