"He has a loving community who's willing to fight for him to stay"

A school in Ireland is fighting against the deportation of one of its students.

As reported by RTE, a school is campaigning to prevent the deportation of one of its students.

9-year-old Zhi Ying Xue was born in Ireland but is not a citizen and is now facing “imminent” deportation to China with his mother.

Xue is currently studying at St Cronan’s School, which has received public support for its campaign to keep the young student in the country.

Almost 40,000 people have signed an online petition organised by the school to prevent the deportation.

Xue’s mother, Leena Mei Mei Xue arrived in the country 12 years ago. After attempts to regularise her residency failed, a deportation order was served against her and her son in 2015.

The family appealed but were rejected in June. Her son’s birth certificate was given to immigration authorities who old that travel documents would be prepared for their deportation.

According to the school, Eric is neither an Irish citizen nor a Chinese citizen.

Children born in Ireland to foreign national parents are not entitled to Irish Citizenship as of a referendum in 2004.

If Xue is forced to return to China, he would not have no right to China’s health or education system, according to the school.

Principal of St Cronan’s, Maeve Tierney, said the boy should be given the same rights as any other Irish citizen.

“He has never left this country. His entire network of friends is here,” she Tierney said.

Nimah Corkey, Xue’s teacher, said classmates were frightened by the news. Corkey tried to explain the situation but the young students did not fully understand why he was being forced to leave.

The school has appealed to Minister for Justice Charlie Flanagan to revoke the deportation. A group of 295 Chinese parents in Ireland also appealed to the Minister.

Eric’s community is here in Ireland, he has a loving community who’s willing to fight for him to stay,” the group said.