“I felt a complicated mixture of sadness, pain and anger"

A swastika was drawn on a poster of a Chinese American political candidate in California.

As reported by SCMP, campaign posters of a Chinese-American political candidate in California have been vandalised with Nazi-themed graffiti.

25-year-old Justin Sha is a lawyer running for the city council. Devil horns and a swastika were found on his posters.

“I felt a complicated mixture of sadness, pain and anger,” Sha said. “This was made worse because my father saw the vandalised signs before I did. He was very emotional and unsuccessfully tried to erase the swastika symbol with his finger.”

Police in Fremont are investigating the incident as a “possible hate crime.”

“We are investigating this as a vandalism and possible hate crime,” police said on Facebook. “We hope to provide an update early in the week as the investigation progresses.”

Police spokesperson Gina Bosques added, “this is definitely cause for concern. Fremont is a very welcoming community and we celebrate diversity.”