The number of those returning to China increased by 700%

Chinese students are returning back to China after studying abroad in increasing numbers.

Quartz reports that the number of Chinese students returning home after studying abroad has increased 700% since the turn of the century.

Only 1 in 10 Chinese students returned to China in the early 2000s but in 2017, 8 in 10 were doing so. However, the number of Chinese students choosing to study overseas has not slowed.

Popular destinations for Chinese students to study include the US, UK and Australia.

One reason for this increase in students returning home is the strength of China’s job market. Students used to stay in their overseas country after graduation because they would earn more than their peers at home. Nowadays, domestic Chinese policies have incentivised students to flock home.

Another reason could be tighter immigration policies in the west that make it harder for international students to remain in the country.

In November 2017, non-profit London-based group British Chinese Project conducted a survey revealing that 90% of Chinese students said they would look elsewhere to study due to the UK government’s neglect.