"WeChat, Alipay, I don’t really know how to use them"

An American visitor in China accidentally paid 100 times his taxi fare.

As reported by SCMP, an American visitor in China accidentally paid a tax driver US$950 (6,500 yuan).

The Chinese-American tourist by the name of Liu paid the driver through a mobile payment service.

Zhang Peng, his driver, noticed the error when he checked his WeChat wallet. Instead of receiving the 65 yuan fare, Peng received 6,500 yuan.

By using the time stamp, Zhang realised the payment was made by the group of four he took from the railway station to a hotel.

Zhang asked his taxi firm if they could track down the group, but after they were unable to do so, he went to the hotel to find them. Liu was reunited wtih Zhang, who returned the overpaid fee.

“These systems like WeChat Pay and Alipay are all new to me,” Liu said. “I don’t really know how to use them. In the US when I pay, there’s usually a space for decimal points, so I thought I had to do the same here and ended up accidentally paying so much more.”

In a gesture of goodwill, Liu told the driver to just return 6,300 yuan but Zhang refused and insisted to return the full amount, which was less than the real fare.

Liu thanked Zhang on WeChat, writing in Chinese,  “I can’t believe it, for some people, money is their only goal, and 6,500 yuan is a lot of money. I felt so excited yesterday because you returned it. I really appreciate it.”