"I have never seen such a disgusting way of eating"

A pair of Chinese female tourists were asked to leave a restaurant in Osaka for their poor behaviour but claimed discrimination.

As reported by SCMP, two Chinese female tourists who claimed they were discriminated against by Japanese staff were ejected from a restaurant in Osaka for their poor behaviour.

Japanese media was informed by the restaurant that the women ordered shrimp and threw the shells onto the floor.

The two young tourists had also stayed beyond the buffet table time limit of 90 minutes, despite being reminded by the staff that their time was up.

One of the women took a video of the manager saying in Japanese, “you don’t need to pay the bill – you can go. Please just go. Really, I have never seen such a disgusting way of eating. What a mess.” 

Sharing the clip on WeChat, the woman accused the restaurant of treating them rudely because they were Chinese. “Is there a special standard of service for foreign tourists?,” the woman said. “Why did the Japanese customers sitting next to us receive completely different service?”

To the woman’s surprise, the Chinese internet sided with the restaurant. “I’m just curious to know how bad [their behaviour] actually was,” wrote one user on Weibo.

“This is so embarrassing – they got what they deserved,” another Weibo user wrote.

One wrote that tourists such as these give other Chinese people a bad reputation. “Every Chinese loses face because of them,” the user wrote. “The Japanese restaurant staff should have taught them a harsher lesson so it stays with them.”