The comics are titled 'Warriors of Three Sovereigns' (三皇斗战士 ) and 'Cyclone' (气旋)

Marvel has introduced its first Chinese superheroes to its universe.

As reported by Quartz, Marvel has finally added Chinese superheroes to its universe of over 7000 characters.

Co-created by Chinese internet gaming giant NetEase and Marvel, the characters come from two new comics titled 三皇斗战士  (Warriors of Three Sovereigns) and 气旋 (Cyclone).

三皇斗战士  (Warriors of Three Sovereigns) features 18-year-old sword fighter Lin Lie who battles against an evil creature based on Chinese tyrant Chiyou from ancient China. Lie owns the Fuxi Sword and is the last descendant of ancient Chinese god Fuxi, who created humanity. The first issue went on sale yesterday, telling the story of Lie fighting a zombie delivery man as he prepares to travel to an ancient tomb to find his archaeologist father.

Other characters from the series include Ah Chen, a friend of Lin and descendent of the God of the Five Grains, Shennong. He is armed with the Shennong Whip. Ji Shuangshuang is a descendant of Fuxi’s sister Nüwa and is armed with the Nüwa Gauntlet.

An Iron Man mask is also spotted in the protagonist’s bedroom.

气旋 (Cyclone) tells the story of young female architect Lei Ling AKA Cyclone, the guardian of an unnamed Eastern financial hub who can control air currents and air turbulence. In the first issue, she battles a golem that was transformed from a building she designed after a mysterious power seized control of it.

The series also features Ke Shangqi, AKA Furious Me who can control rocks and concrete. Another character Madam Huang has the power to “alter the attributes of things”.

NetEase has published a dozen Marvel comics including Captain America and Iron Man in China. since forming a deal with the American company a year ago. Marvel is enjoying great success among China’s youth too, with Avengers: Infinity War breaking the all-time advance-booking record in China after it brought in $50 million in pre-sales. The company has over 3.5 million followers on Weibo.