"I’m actually sick and tired of south Asian/Indian culture constantly being reduced to a joke on Korean TV"

South Korean-Chinese girl group WJSN, AKA Cosmic Girls, have been criticised for performing a ‘racist’ traditional Indian dance.

Kpop girl group WJSN, who also go by the name of Cosmic girls, performed a traditional Indian dance that many are describing as racist.

On Super Junior’s Super TV, the girl group performed a dance similar to that of a traditional Indian dance known as Bharatnatyam, after it was suggested by Super Junior’s Lee Donghae. Lead singer Wu Xuan Yi was seen at the front of the group sporting a tiny mustache.

The girls are seen bobbing their heads side to side and circling their arms to music whilst the audience laughs hysterically.

Critics online have found the video to be offensive and disrespectful.

“Indians are already lack representation, are not included and not seen as Asians by others but seeing Asians ridiculing us makes me feel even more isolated,” one Twitter user wrote.

“i’m not even indian but i’ve studied much about the classical dances and indian culture i felt the insult myself,” wrote another.

“As a bharatnatyam dancer who is indian this is BEYOND offensive, its completely disrespectful and infuriating. Fuck her and everyone defending her,” another tweeted.

“i’m actually sick and tired of south asian/indian culture constantly being reduced to a joke on korean tv,” said one Twitter user. “they are MOCKING not only the song but trying to do a bad reenactment of a traditional dance. THIS is DISRESPECTFUL, damn who raised you all.”