"We don't want the Tower become a tourist attraction."

A coachload of Chinese tourists were seen taking photographs of the remains of Grenfell Tower.

The Evening Standard reports that the group had claimed to be “health and safety inspectors” visiting from the east.

However, John Gregory, who posted pictures of the group on Facebook, was not convinced. “I can’t believe what I’ve just seen, a coach load of tourists taking photographs of the tower,” Gregory said.

“When I approached the coach driver he said that they are health and safety inspectors from China. Surely there is [sic] enough photographs on the Internet of the tower that they don’t have to come in bus loads to take photos of it.”

“I don’t think this is genuine can anyone find out as we don’t want the Tower become a tourist attraction. I left a flea in he’s [sic] here ear and went on my way but I think he knows my feelings now.

Commenters were shocked at the post.

“Disgusting and totally disrespectful,” said one woman. “I can not [sic] understand the morbidity of wanting a photo. If you go there especially, it’s to pay your respects and reflect on the tragedy, not to take photos,” said another woman.

However, some defended the tourist group.

“They mean no harm. They don’t understand the horror and heartbreak for us who live here so try not to be too hard on them,” one person commented.

Nonetheless, the tour group was reportedly sent back to China and the driver was suspended as the stop was an unscheduled one.

James Buckingham, operations director at BM Coaches, told the Times, “I would like to apologise most sincerely on behalf of BM Coaches for the insensitive actions of the group we were contracted to supply transportation to.”

BM Coaches made a donation to the Grenfell Fund following the incident.

68 people died in the fire at Grenfell Tower on 14 June 2017.