The pair were charged 150 rupees but wanted to pay 50.

A British woman and her teenage stepson were attacked by a local Nepalese woman after the pair tried to haggle for a cup of tea.

The Daily Mail reports that Gemma Wilson, 35, and her stepson Charlie, 15, were 4.5km into the 230km Annapurna Circuit hiking trek when the incident occurred.

The pair had stopped for a drink. Charlie ordered a black tea and the woman charged 150 rupees. According to The Daily Mail, a “typical’ cup of black tea is 50 rupees. When paying their bill, Wilson remarked that the amount was higher than usual.

Wilson and her stepson then left the shop and tried to take a photo of it. The woman then began shouting and chasing them.

Footage taken from a GoPro shows the pair attempting to flee from the woman who chases them with two large planks of wood whilst throwing rocks at them.

Wilson is heard begging the woman to stop, fearing that she would slip off the narrow maintain path and fall to her death.

“She went to the door and picked up a big plank of wood and she was screaming at me. She tried to hit me with it,” Wilson said. “I moved my walking poles to stop it but she hit my walking poles with such force that it broke one of them.”

“The only part she managed to hit me was my hand and I have some bruising.”

Wilson is heard shouting to Charlie to run ahead as the woman continues to run after them down the path. Although the Nepalese woman shouts at them in broken English, insults such as “dog”, “donkey” and “cow” are hurled at Wilson.

When Wilson tried calling the police after arriving at the next village, she was told that the woman reportedly had attacked several other travellers.