The Ex-Machina actress was recently cast in Crazy Rich Asians

Sonoya Mizuno will appear as a regular in Emma Stone and Jonah Hill’s upcoming Netflix series Maniac.

Deadline announced that Mizuno will appear alongside Julia Garner, Emma Stone and Jonah Hill but her character’s details are being kept under wraps for now.

Filming has begun in New York City with Cary Fukunaga set to direct all episodes. Manic, written by Patrick Somerville, is based on the 2014 Norwegian series. The plot is centred in the fantasy worlds of Hill and Stone’s characters.

Recently, Mizuno was cast in Crazy Rich Asians.

The British Japanese actress is known for her role in Ex-Machina and appearance in La La Land, in which she played a flatmate of Emma Stone’s character.

In an interview with Resonate, Mizuno explained that she “didn’t fit into casting roles easily” because she is considered “different”.