“You’re not fucking Aussie, are ya?"

An Asian Australian news reporter was subjected to a racist verbal attack in Geelong.

News.com.au reports that the incident occurred when the reporter was covering a story about a Geelong robbery for Australian news channel Nine News.

Journalist Neary Ty had arrived on scene to interview the victim of the robbery when she was approached by a man who began spewing racist abuse.

“What country do you come from?” he asks her, to which she responds: “I was born here.”

The man continues, “You’re not f***ing Aussie, are ya? If you’ve got such a beautiful country, f*** off back there.”

He is then seen spitting and making rude gestures.

Ty uploaded a video of the incident with the caption, “You see and hear a lot on the road while reporting, but I wasn’t expecting this in Geelong today.”

The reporter discussed the incident on Australian show Today.


“You know, my parents came from Cambodia as refugees, they were sponsored here in the ’80s,” Ty explained.

“They created such a beautiful life for my sister and I here in this great country, they started a new life here, and I was born here. So it was upsetting for him to say something like that.”