"Sweet, sweet justice"

Gok Wan, Gemma Chan, and Katie Leung have shared their reactions to the 2017 General Election result.

Despite what was initially predicted to be a an easy win for Prime Minister Theresa May, the Conservative party have failed to acquire 326 seats to secure another five years in government. Winning only 318 seats, the Tory party are now turning to the DUP party to form a coalition as the UK turns once again to a hung parliament.

Meanwhile, many are applauding Labour’s impressive gain under the guidance of leader Jeremy Corbyn. Winning 261 seats, Labour acquired 29 more seats under Corbyn than under Ed Miliband in 2015.

As the UK hangs the balance, anxiously waiting to see which coalition will form the new government, a number of celebrities have taken to Twitter to express their reaction.

Gok Wan

Fashion guru Gok Wan also encouraged his followers to vote, tweeting on election day, “Morning! It’s time people! VOTE VOTE VOTE… make your voice be heard!” 

Later in the day he commented on the BBC Election coverage presented David Dimbleby, “Dimbleby is so funny”.

Upon learning the result, Wan tweeted, and “I’m so proud of our millennial”.

Gemma Chan

Prior the election, Humans’ Gemma Chan had encouraged people to vote, with a focus on young people. “Vote.” Chan tweeted, “Especially if you’re young, you can make all the difference (remember, you don’t need your polling card)”

Upon learning that there was a 72% turnout for 18-25 year olds, Chan tweeted, “Brilliant. Politicians can no longer dismiss young people. They care about their country’s future and should be listened to.

Around the time of the result, she then retweeted a tweet that read “So good to see May’s complacency, entitlement and cynicism punished,” with her own comment, “Sweet, sweet justice.

Katie Leung

Harry Potter’s Katie Leung was very vocal in encouraging people to vote, recording a video in which she said, “if you’ve never voted, register to vote and vote.”. She followed up her video with a tweet, “It takes less than 5 mins to register to vote so u can determine the next 5 years of your life. Lunchtime meals were my fave.

The day before election day, Leung tweeted, “Silence in the face of evil is itself evil. Vote tomorrow ffs. You have a voice. Your future depends on it.”

On the day of the election, Leung simply tweeted, “DEEDS NOT WORDS. VOTE”. When the results came through, the young actress wrote “Hope > Fear  get it up ye May”