"Choi's condition is very bad"

BIGBANG star T.O.P. has been admitted into intensive care following a drug overdose.

UPDATE: New reports have surfaced stating that T.O.P‘s condition has improved.

As reported by the BBC, the singer whose real name is Choi Seung-hyun was enlisted in military service as a policeman when he was found unconscious at his station.

Reports state that BIGBANG singer is now in a stable condition, with improvements seen in his breathing and pulse.

One of the 29-year-old’s doctors had told AFP “Choi’s condition is very bad.”

BIGBANG are one of the world’s most successful boy bands with the group’s top five videos on YouTube garnering a combined 935 million views.

Speaking to the Korea Herald, the singer’s medical team said the singer was suspected to have overdosed on  benzodiazepine, a range of prescription tranquilisers used to treat anxiety and other conditions.

“He was in a state of stupor and deep drowsiness and only responded to very strong stimulation,” the newspaper said. “He is still not breathing properly and is recovering. We are currently attempting to treat him but he’s in an unresponsive state.”

Another doctor stated the singer could recover in a week.

The Korean singer recently dominated headlines after being arrested for smoking marijuana – a crime punishable by up to 5 years in Korea.

His entertainment agency, YG, released a statement apparently written by T.O.P. a few days ago. “I deserve punishment for hurting the members, agency, public, fans and family,” he said. “I’ll regret this for tens of thousands of years.”