The stunt master's adventures in India earned $179.5 million in 10 days

Jackie Chan‘s latest action movie Kung Fu Yoga has topped the Chinese box office.

According to the LA Times, consulting firm Artisan Gateway reported that Kung Fu Yoga made $140.4 million in ticket sales last week, totaling $179.5 million in 10 days. Asa result, Kung Fu Yoga is Jackie Chan’s highest-grossing film in the Chinese market.

However, Chan’s Bollywood/action film didn’t perform too well when it first opened during Chinese New Year on 27 January, bringing in only $39.1 million in its first two days. After word of mouth, the film’s success grew.

The LA Times also reports that state film regulators in China temporarily banned imported films in order to give domestic movies more room during the Chinese New Year Holiday.

Journey to the West: The Demons Strike Back, the sequel to Stephen Chow’s 2013 Journey to the West Conquering the Demons slipped to second place last week, earning $120.6 million. The film cumulatively grossed a total of $205.1 million.

A different Indian-themed film, Buddies in India, also performed well. The domestic comedy generated 360 million yuan. Due to the success of Kung Fu Yoga and Buddies in India, China’s film regulators allowed India to release two more titles than normal, bringing the country’s total to four. China currently has an annual 34-movie import quota.

Foreign films won’t return to Chinese cinemas until 10 February. Vin Diesel’s xXx: Return of Xander Cage, which also stars Donnie Yen, will open on the day.

China generated a total of $486.2 million during the New Year holiday – 9% higher than the equivalent holiday period of 2016.

Last month, China’s film regulators began incorporating online booking fees ranging from 2 to 5 yuan per ticket that goes to box office grosses. Whilst these service fees do not benefit film production and distribution companies, their contribution does augment the box office performances.