Rube Goldberg machine has 1,450 pieces of wood, bells, chimes and whistles

Nestlé has created an elaborate Rube Goldberg Christmas coffee machine in Tokyo that does something rather special.

Made out of 1,450 piece of wood, bells and whistles, the elaborate contraption that measures 3.5m tall, will play your favorite Christmas tunes. As a ball bearing rolls across the pieces of wood, hammers are triggered to strike glockenspiel keys along the way, resulting in a magical bell-like symphony.

The bluetooth-enabled coffee machine is paired with a companion app, through which the user selects their coffee preference. The app then communicates with the wooden musical contraption and sets the ball bearing on its way as the machine starts to brew.

The machine is set to play a different Christmas melody each day but the contraption is only on display until 25 December.

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