The Wing Chun martial art training is also intended to combat stress

Leon baristas in London are being trained in the same martial art as Bruce Lee – Wing Chun – to speed up service and combat stress.

The fast food chain, which prides itself as being healthy, has sent its baristas on a six-week intensive course in Wing Chun – the same style of kung fu mastered by Bruce Lee.

The company has branches all across London. According to the firm, an increase in the speed of service and quality of their coffee has been noticed since the training. It is also claimed that the baristas are less stressed.

Orla Delargy, an employee of the company said, “we noticed that the baristas, some of them were feeling quite stressed. It’s quite a stressful job. We tested their heart rate and their confidence levels then we did six weeks’ intensive Wing Tsun training.”

“We found the quality had gone up and heart rates had gone down.”

Some of the workers have decided to continue with the martial art kung fu training in their free time to reap more of the benefits.

After the kung fu training, 30 seconds had been reportedly knocked off the time it took them to make a coffee.

The ancient martial art of Wing Chun kung fu is said to increase spatial awareness and cultivate a better relationship between body and mind.

The trial was started by co-founder of Leon, John Vincent in March this year.

Not all baristas in London have yet been trained.