The Real Madrid forward posted the picture to his Instagram and Facebook accounts

Cristiano Ronaldo is being slammed by social media users after the Real Madrid striker posed for a picture with a Gautama Buddha statue.

Ronaldo had posted a picture of himself standing by a statue of the Guatama Buddha. In the photo, the Portuguese striker has one foot resting on the edge of the statue.

Ronaldo had uploaded the picture to his Facebook and Instagram. Both social media channels resulted in a backlash from social media users who criticised him for being disrespectful.

Facebook user Shubham Pandey wrote,  “This is disrespectful …. How can he put his leg on Gautam [sic] Buddha …. I was not expecting this stupidity from Ronaldo …. Sir today u lost one of ur fan this is very bad”. Another Facebook user, Banyar Chanmon, commented, “This is a BUDDHA statue , a kind of God all buddhism pay their respect , and they believe putting your foot on it is not a good manner . For u CR7 . I hope u get it.”

Bom dia

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Instagram user @williamcruz commented, “Know the meaning of the word respect”, whilst @sky4axis wrote, “Dude take this off man, You are a public figure you need to take care of sentiments if the society.”

Whilst it is highly unlikely that Ronaldo meant to cause any offence with his photo, it seems bizarre that the inevitable repercussions of the photo were not considered prior to the post. Hopefully he will be more conscientious before posting in future.