The 30 Ruby Romans grapes sold for $11,000

A western Japanese supermarket owner has bought 30 Ruby Romans grapes for a record breaking price of $360 each.

The 30 Ruby Romans grapes were the the first of the season. Ruby Romans are grown in Ishikawa and are known for their sweetness.

The auction winner, Takamaru Konishi said that he will proudly showcase his purchase at his store.

“We will display them at our store before giving our customers a sample taste… “I am so happy and I am honoured, these are truly Ruby Roman gems.”

In Japan, premium fruit samples often fetch top-dollar prices as many buy them with the intention of giving them as gifts to those in higher statuses, such as their employer or boss.

Some apples can cost up to $3, whilst melons are sometimes sold for the equivalent price of vintage wines. One pair of melons sold for $12,000 in 2015.