The play will run until 6 August at The Finborough Theatre, London

‘Shangri-La’, a play that “puts contemporary Tibet on the UK stage”, is in its final week in London.

Written by Amy Ng and directed by Charlotte Westenra, the play tells the touching tale of indigenous Naxi tribe woman Bunny, who dreams of escaping from her hometown of ‘Shangri-La’ after witnessing her family’s livelihood being destroyed by mass tourism. The play sheds lights on how the Himalayan foothills of China’s Yunnan Province was officially renamed ‘Shangri-La’ following a tourism pressures.

Meanwhile her liberal Chinese boss, Nelson, dreams of a new kind of tourism to achieve sustainable and respectful genuine cultural exchange. Their Tibetan colleague, aptly named Karma, pursues riches, respect and redemption for a guilty family secret, whilst their western clients are in search for something authentic.

‘Shangri-La’ brings these characters together as their desires collide head on.

Amy Ng draws upon her personal experiences working for a Chinese sustainable travel company for inspiration to deliver a moving production.

Tickets start at £14.