Referendum ballots across the UK are being filled in to determine whether or not the UK should remain a member of the EU or leave.

A record 46,499,537 people are entitled to vote in this referendum. Polling stations opened at 7am and will close at 10pm.

Today’s referendum marks the third nation-wide referendum in UK history, following the AV referendum in 2011 and the EU membership referendum in 1974.

The ballot paper reads “Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union?”. Voters are instructed to choose whether they want to “Remain a member of the European Union” or “Leave the European Union” by placing a cross in the corresponding box.

After the polls have closed, the votes will then be counted. The UK has been divided into 382 voting areas. Each will declare its own result. These areas are comprised of 380 local authorities across England, Scotland and Wales. Gibraltar and Northern Ireland have been allocated one area each.

Once all 382 areas have declared their result, the overall result will be announced in Manchester.

The UK was also hit with torrential rain last night, resulting in flash flooding in a number of across the UK. As a result, Kingston Council was forced to close two of its polling stations due to the flooding. Voters have been instructed to cast their ballots at alternative locations.

Politicians including Jeremy Corby, David Cameron, Michael Gove and Nigel Farage have already visited their local polling stations to cast their vote.