A drone park is being set up in Seoul in which people will be allowed to fly their devices freely.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government has designated a drone park along the Han River for people to fly their unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) that weigh up to 12 kilograms under an altitude of 160 meters. The park will open on 25 June.

The city has allocated 27,000 square meters to the drone park according to Yonhap News.

The park is set to include an information centre which will provide advice on flying the drones in the safest manner.

Use of the park is currently under a first come first serve policy. Users are required to make a reservation online or offline to use the park as there is a 30 device limit at any one time.

According to the Korean news source, a city official released the following statement,

“Thanks to government deregulations, the possibility of growth in the drone industry has become even larger… We will support citizens so that they can enjoy flying their drones safely and freely.”

The site will also include a drone racing area and a pilot’s lounge according to an announcement on Seoul’s official Facebook page.

Drone flights are strictly regulated in the rest of Seoul. Areas near key public facilities, military installations and nuclear power plants remain strictly no-fly zones.