"Oh we make gun powder! Oh you want extra soy sauce?"

Comedian Tony Hinchcliffe has come under fire for a racist joke during a stand up gig.

Asian comedian Peng Dang shared a clip of himself introducing Hinchcliffe at the gig.

“Last week in Austin, I got to bring up Tony Hinchcliffe. This is what he said. Happy Asian (AAPI) Heritage Month!” Dang captioned the video.

In the clip, Dang is seen introducing Hinchcliffe to the stage. “Give it up for the one and only Tony Hinchcliffe!” Dang says before Hinchcliffe comes into the shot.

“Hello! Good Evening!” Hinchcliffe says to his audience before saying, “How about one more time for the filthy little fucking chink who was just up here?”

“All you fucking race traitors are hooping and hollering, I was back there watching you puking in a fucking bucket.”

Ironically, prior to introducing Hinchcliffe, Dang had performed jokes about stopping Asian hate.

Hinchcliffe then mimics an Asian accent and says, “oh we make gun powder! Oh you want extra soy sauce?”

Talent agent WME has since separated itself from Hinchcliffe.