These next few years probably won't be easy, but you'll get through it.

Now more than ever is the time to do each other good, America.

Disclaimer: I’m Canadian, so it’s not really up to me to use my opinions to speak for a group that I’m not a part of. I acknowledge that is not within my authority to criticize the results of this election, as it fairly followed America’s democratic process. 

As reprehensible as people may have found Trump’s campaign, he did what any person in business does: identify a group with unsatisfied needs and sell them a solution. He found Americans who were unsatisfied with the way the country has been run and felt like they weren’t being heard. And there were a lot of them.

I’ve seen people on social media call the election results out as racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic… I’m not going to argue any of that, but it spells out a larger issue that’s been pointed out over and over again: Americans are divided.

To me, that division looks like pain. Pain for those who are currently and will increasingly face overt hate as a result of this election. But also pain for those who felt so much distrust in the government representing them that they felt the need vote for someone who does not come from a political background.

As I write, demonstrations are being held against the election results. It remains to be seen if electors will vote according to their state’s decisions, but the reality today is that Donald Trump is now the president-elect.

If you need to rage, grieve, scream, do it. You’re allowed to feel. But if you want change, it’s up to you. Support the communities you’re a part of. Talk to leaders. Talk to each other. And most importantly, be productive.

Governments won’t always act in your best interest. But America is your home; this is not the time to give up on it. Take it upon yourself to make it better. Advocate for those who are vulnerable. Use your skills to help causes that are important to you. Make your work matter.

It’s not easy. It’s won’t be easy. But I believe in the greatness, resilience, and passion of the American people.

You’ll get through this.