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‘Resonate’ is a global platform for East Asian culture that aims to put the spotlight on issues that are dear to the community. At ‘Resonate’, we harness the creativity of the East Asian community and aim to showcase it through the medium of writing and film.

‘Resonate’ actively encourages positive representation in the media by making your voice heard by delivering interesting articles from your own perspectives to actively engage wider audiences.

As part of the ‘Resonate’ team, you will be part of the fastest growing East Asian culture website. You will be given first-hand editorial and journalism experience through writing and/or video and will be exposed to East Asian communities from an investigatory angle.

You do not need to be of East Asian heritage to work for us but you must have a sincere passion for the culture and community.

We are constantly looking to welcome the keenest and most proficient writers to our platform.

If you are interested in joining our team, please send us an email to