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“Resonate” is an online news, entertainment and blogging website that provides writers a platform to discuss topics that strongly resonate amongst East Asian communities currently residing in the West.

Resonate is an international brand and we want “resonate” to reflect our readership which are foreign born East Asian, professionals who want to read interesting stories and articles that reflect their own unique upbringing and surroundings. We believe, Resonate should be a unique  publication that is able to deliver a positive representation about  foreign born East Asian community and to actively encourage representation in the media by making our voices be heard and accounted for by delivering interesting articles from their own perspectives to actively engage audiences.

We can offer you a number of innovative and creative ways for your business to reach out to audiences.

– Targeted Advertising through our website

– Sponsorship

– Social Media campaigns

– Copywriting

– Event Planning

– Video production and event photography

– Graphic and logo design

– Website design

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