USA and UK are ranked 18th and 28th respectively

Japan, Taiwan and South Korea have been listed in the top 5 places to be during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Complied by Bloomberg, the list of 53 places measures the amount of cases per 100,000, 1-month fatality rate, deaths per 1 million, positive test rate and access to Covid vaccines. Each region is then given a Bloomberg resilience score.

New Zealand is ranked as the best country with a score of 85.4, followed by Japan with 85.

Taiwan comes in third place with a score of 82.9, followed by South Korea with 82.3.

China is ranked 8th with 80.6, meanwhile, Vietnam, Singapore and Hong Kong are in 11th to 13th place with 74.3, 74.2 and 73.6 scores respectively.

The USA scored 66.5, coming in at 18th place and the UK was given 61.5 points, earning it 28th place.

USA and UK are both in the top 13 countries with the highest 1-month case per 100,000. 1129 cases per 100,000 are reported in America whilst the UK has 1004 cases.

In other news, a chiropractor’s office in New Jersey has been branded racist after posting a sign calling Coronavirus ‘Chinese Virus’.