"When your crush says she only dates Asians"

A University of Wisconsin-Whitewater instructor has been slammed for tweeting a ‘racist’ photo of himself as an Asian.

University of Wisconsin-Whitewater instructor Matthew De Starkey has been slammed on Twitter after posting a photo of himself pretending to be Asian, according to Pro Asian.

In the photo, De Starkey is seen wearing bowl on his head as a conical hat whilst squinting his eyes and pressing his hands together.

His caption read, “When your crush says she only dates Asians.”

After receiving backlash from the Asian community, De Starkey responded with a picture of his middle finger with the caption “short ass finger”. The caption reportedly a reference to the stereotype of Asian men being less endowed.

De Starkey then changed his Twitter handle and removed the post, which was screenshotted by other users.

The University of Wisconsin-Whitewater is reportedly looking into the incident.