"You don't want me to influence your opinion. At the same time, you shouldn't be influencing my opinion."

A lecturer at he University of Newcastle Australia has upset Chinese students by teaching that Taiwan is a separate country to China.

A video in which a lecturer can be heard arguing with a Chinese student about Taiwan has been shared online.

In the video, a student is heard saying the materials being taught are making them “feel uncomfortable”. The student tells the lecturer that he should “show respect”.

In response, the lecturer says “from my understanding, Taiwan is a separate country”.

“You don’t want me to influence your opinion. At the same time, you shouldn’t be influencing my opinion,” he added.

According to the BBC, the University of Newcastle responded in a statement, referencing a report by Transparency International. The report used the word “country” to describe both countries and territories.

The Australian university added that staff and students are expected to respect cultural differences, expressing disappointment that the video had been shared.

“The lecturer agreed to discuss the students’ concerns after the lecture and unfortunately this discussion was covertly recorded and then released to the media,” Newcastle’s statement said. “The university is disappointed that there was not an opportunity for the issues raised to be resolved through our normal process in a fair and respectful manner.”