They're basically trying to kick me out as well - it is astounding."

A British man whose pregnant Chinese wife was refused a UK visa has said he is “heartbroken”.

David Kiff, 32 and Tiffany Wanwan Qiao, 27 were married in November 2016 and will become parents in September 2017. However, the BBC reports that Mrs Qiao Kiff was denied a UK visa despite being heavily pregnant.

Whilst the Home Office recognised the legitimacy of the couple’s relationship, the Home Office said there was “no reason” why she and her husband “could not relocate to China.

“While we accept that you and your husband are in a genuine and subsisting relationship, you have provided no evidence that there would be any insurmountable obstacles to your family life continuing in China.”

Mr Kiff, who cannot speak Chinese, said that if his wife is to be deported back to China, he would have to quit his job to raise their child alone.

“I’m heartbroken,” Kiff said. “They’re basically trying to kick me out as well – it is astounding.”

Kiff added that his wife has also not taken the news well, which has had a severe affect on her health. “My wife’s not well at all. She’s taken this news really badly and was admitted to hospital yesterday with high blood pressure.”

Mrs Qiao Kiff was granted a four-month extension until 17 December but will have to reapply to stay in the UK. The couple have spent £4,000 in legal costs and £3,500 in medical bills.

“Mrs Qiao’s application was refused on this occasion as it did not meet the immigration rules,” said a Home Office spokesman. “However, given Mrs Qaio’s circumstances we have granted her four months’ exceptional leave to remain so she can give birth in the UK.”

The pair had met each other online in April 2016 when Mrs Qiao Kiff was living in the UK on a student visa.

In a Facebook post, Mr Kiff wrote that he was “absolutely disgusted beyond belief” at the UK’s immigration system. Sharing a picture of the Home Office’s notice regarding his wife’s visa refusal, Kiff highlighted the part which read “there is no reason why you and your partner could not live together in China”.

He added that he has contributed to the British society for years as a high rate tax payer, paying “more than most in NI and tax”. He explains that he wrote 5 pages to the Home Office about why he could not move to China due to working visa requirements and his lack of knowledge about the Chinese language. Furthermore, Mr Kiff has also purchased a house in the UK.

“So my wife is meant to leave the UK in November a month after our sons birth?” Mr Kiff asks.

He also calls out his MP, Anne Main, who he calls “the absolute definition of useless”.