"We Trump people hate illegals, black thugs, Muslims and bombs, and gays"

Hawaii lawmaker Beth Fukumoto has published a letter she received that was written by a racist Trump supporter.

State representative Fukumoto received the letter in the mail following the violence at the Virginia rally.

The letter begins with “Dear Bitch,” followed by, “Your poor grand parents got put into a camp in the USA? Boo hoo hoo ― you Japs murdered thousands of servicemen at Pearl Harbor ― did you forget that detail?”

Written by a self-claimed Trump supporter, the author goes on to write “we Trump people hate illegals, black thugs, Muslims and bombs, and gays, who do nothing but bitch 24 hrs a day.”

The author calls Fukumoto a “bleeding heart traitor moron” and advises her to “pull [her] head out of [her] ass.”

The Japanese-American politician shared the letter on Twitter, tagging President Donald Trump, with the caption, “You need to understand your words have consequences.”

Speaking to The Huffington Post, Fukumoto said the letter “was more upsetting than usual.”

“One of the reasons that I switched parties is that I felt the Republican Party was unwilling to confront racism,” Fukumoto said. “Racism specifically in the party and racism as promoted by the nominee at the time, and now the president.”

“I felt like my opinion always counted last because I was a minority and I was a woman,” she told HuffPost. “That’s how it feels like. To know you’ll always have to work that much harder to be taken seriously is sort of the minority and the female experience in America.”

“To see what’s going on nationally ― and really has been going on nationally for a long time ― minorities are being told, ‘You’re scared for no reason. You’re making things up. You’re the one inciting violence,’” Fukumoto added.

“Here’s a letter that came directly to me from somebody who says they support Trump, listing out all these people that they hate.”

 “I don’t like receiving those letters,” she said. “But there are worse things happening [in the country] because he’s talking the way he is.”