The Nokia 6 running Android will cost 1699 yuan

The first Nokia smartphone in 3 years, Nokia 6, will only be released in China.

The Android phone will cost 1699 yuan and marks the first Nokia brand smartphone produced with manufacturer HMD Global.

Nokia sold its mobile phone division to Microsoft in 2013 for €5.4 billion after facing tough competition with Apple and Android. However, Microsoft failed to make any considerable development in the mobile phone sector and cut thousands of jobs.

Last year, Nokia licensed its name to Helsinki-based company HMD, which has exclusive rights to the name ‘Nokia’ for the next decade.

Whilst the Nokia 6 will only be released in China, HMD plans to release more Nokia phones in the next few months.The Nokia 6 is made from aluminum and has a 5.5-inch screen. The smartphone will run the latest version of Android – Nougat.